Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank you

Thank you to Fraanz's pre school teacher and Paula Dean for my package. I LOVE it!

Thank you Mrs. Lamanga for my cake turn table and decorating kit and book.  I made this cake.

I have another post today below.


  1. hi matisse, we love your blog honey... come and see daryle and i when you get back to new zealand and we will get you a job in his kitchen... (i think you could teach him a thing or two) keep up the good work sweet heart... love daryle, rachael, jackson and carter xo

  2. hey girly,
    mackenzie here! sorry i have not posted a comment in a while i had to go out of town. I love cooking and all your cooking skills and fun filled way. When i stared eating again i cooked and cooked so that mom had to set rules around my cooking, i dont measure all the time eyeball it is my think! go girl! have fun in YOUR kitchen!


  3. Hi Matiese-- I think your recipes are great! I want to try the squid because I've never cooked squid before and my older daughter loves it! I also have a recipe blog of family recipes-- so check it out if you want to! It is: Take care and have a fantastic Christmas!

  4. Hi Matisse, I read the article at Parade this morning and I HAD to check out your blog. I think your story is so inspiring and you and you and your parents are true troopers and an example of never giving up.

    I'm a mom of two, Ian who is 7 and Olivia who is almost 3 and I can see a true foodie in her as well as she is always trying out everything from my plate, whatever the color ;-p

    I wanted to wish you the best, you are already a success and your passion is amazing ♥

    God Bless you and your family and have a great Holiday Season!

    Lucy, Ian and Olivia

  5. Hi Matisse my name is matise to with one s. Im 14 years old, and i love to bake cakes and i love your cake its really good. I read your articel in Parade. Im sorry to hear about your illness but im happy that you still get to do what you love.


  6. Matisse,
    My name is Marge and I read about you in Parade. Went immediately to your blog because I could tell right away that you are a girl with a great personality. And after reading your blog and watching two videos, I see I'm correct! I am now a subscriber. A 10-year-old girl who knows about fennel, you are one interesting and great girl. Lots of good luck to you. Great to "meet" you!