Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hi it is Matisse,
I  made  rice paper rolls  filled  with  squid.  It is so good.
It has carrots, lettuce, squid and avocado.  Avacado makes it is creamy and yummy.  I love it!
Soak rice paper in water then fill and roll.
How to tell when an avacado is ripe:
It should be almost black and soft and if you can flick off the end where it was on the tree then it is ready.
Prepare it like this:  Take an perring knife and cut it down the middle while turning.  Twist and pull lightly apart and take the big ball.  Take a spoon and scoup out the green flesh.  You can make guacamnole  and all you need to do to make guacamole is:
Mashed Avacado,
Diced tomatoe,
Lime juice,
salt and pepper
Mix together.

This is whole baby squid that I cleaned and filet.  you can buy it already done too.
I cook my squid in EVOO, slat, pepper, lemon juice and a splash of wine (if mum lets me).