Monday, October 17, 2011

Matisse's Seafood Feast

Hi Peeps

I am sick today so I am home from school watching 'The Chew', a cooking show on TV.  I learned that you can mix cooked bacon, sour cream and paprika together and put on nachos or baked potato for extra flavor.  You can mix almost any herb or spice with sour cream to add extra flavor.

I think I am allergic to pepper so am not using it so much in my cooking.

I found out how to make a flower out of  icing.  It is hard but I figured it out  and I am pretty good at it now.

After my transplant mum promised to buy be a lobster.  We got one from Wholey's (my favorite seafood market).  I prepared it by removing it from the shell, threw it on a hot pan for a couple of seconds to heat it up and ate it with salt.  It was sooooo good.

I went to Ocean City and  had  the kids seafood feast at Hoopers Crab Shack.  It was all you can eat crab, shrimp, corn, chicken and hush puppies.  Of course I ate mostly crab and shrimp. 

Kids Seafood Feast - YUM!
Look out Lobster here I come!