Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hi it is Matisse,
I  made  rice paper rolls  filled  with  squid.  It is so good.
It has carrots, lettuce, squid and avocado.  Avacado makes it is creamy and yummy.  I love it!
Soak rice paper in water then fill and roll.
How to tell when an avacado is ripe:
It should be almost black and soft and if you can flick off the end where it was on the tree then it is ready.
Prepare it like this:  Take an perring knife and cut it down the middle while turning.  Twist and pull lightly apart and take the big ball.  Take a spoon and scoup out the green flesh.  You can make guacamnole  and all you need to do to make guacamole is:
Mashed Avacado,
Diced tomatoe,
Lime juice,
salt and pepper
Mix together.

This is whole baby squid that I cleaned and filet.  you can buy it already done too.
I cook my squid in EVOO, slat, pepper, lemon juice and a splash of wine (if mum lets me).


  1. Cool TC, cant wait for you to cook for me! xxx

  2. Hi Matisse! I am so impressed (and grossed out!) haha. I love calamari, but I only want to see it when it's already prepared! When can I come for dinner! Miss you! Love, Lynne

    Lynne Mandel

  3. Yummy recipes Matisse. You are clever to fillet the raw squid. We have an avocado tree in our garden with lots of fruit on it. Aren't we lucky.

  4. Squid, Avocado and....wine - yummy!! Looking good Matisse.

  5. Sounds delicious, Matisse!!! :)

  6. I tried eating squid a few summers ago when I went to the beach but I didn't like it because it was too rubbery. It wasn't done the way you did yours here, so I'm inspired to try it your way some time! :)

  7. Thank you, Matisse! I love avocados, but never know how to buy a good one.
    I don't like squid. but I wonder if that recipe would work with chicken? The rest of it sounds yummy.

  8. Matisse, I just joined your blog and am so proud of you. I really enjoyed reading about you today in Parade, which is how I learned of your blog. I will look forward to seeing your new posts.

    I will keep you in my prayers and am thankful your parents found doctors that could help you. Keep getting stronger and someday I am sure I will see you as a chef on Food Network!!!

  9. Wishing you a speedy recovery. You are beautiful and talented. By the way, since you love seafood so much try some salmon...I think you will love it. I have a blog too and feel free to read my recipes anytime at www.bohemiannomad.wordpress.com.

    Take care Matisse,

  10. You are so talented you will be a great cheif some day.