Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cooking with Scott

I met Scott Mowbray - Editor of Cooking Light at Wholefoods.

We made a yummy risotto with shrimp and smoked paprika.

I had so much fun and our risotto was delicious.


  1. That's cool! Are you going to post the recipe?

    And by the way I love your hat - real cute :)

  2. I agree - please post the risotto recipe; it sounds delicious! Will it be in Cooking Light perhaps? Your pictures are great too - sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  3. I love your blog Matisse ! Keep up the good work. Hope you're feeling better day by day and getting strong.

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog Matisse, your life is inspiring and I admire your courage in face of uncertainties. God-bless.

  5. Matisse, my family and I love reading about your cooking adventures. Whenever Cooking Light arrives, the kids at my house ask, "What did Matisse cook?"

    And isn't smoked paprika magic?

    Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.